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Last update: October 25, 2001
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Here is a pic from our rallye car. Mit freundlichen Grüßen. Klaus Osterhaus, Leiter Motorsport & Tuning (

This one belongs to Janusz Komorowski from Calgary. Pictures taken at the Rocky Mountain Rally of 2000 and 2001. (

Patrick LaPorte's GTX in California (

Gary's car Gary's customized GTX (

Rally 2 Stew and Marty Allen's rally Mazda 323 GTX. A club car that will be competing in the 1999 Maine Summer Rally. Good luck! (Stew / Marty,

GTR Dan's Mazda 323 GT-R, in Luxembourg. He says "It is a very fast car, my turbocharging is at ~1,2 bar, K&N filter, and it take 5,5 sec. from 0 to 100 km/h. On this URL you can see 15 pictures of me car: In a few months the car will be painted in an other color, like the Viper." (Dan,

van der Roest A detailed page from Frank van der Roest, of his Dutch 1986 GTX. In Holland the GTX was also available as a FWD package, with 4WD turbo models called "Formule 4". (Frank van der Roest,*nospam*)

Anders 3 dressed-up GTX's from Norway. (Frank Ove Mannsåker,

ExhaustBlowoffOK, it's just a FWD Astina, but it looks to be a turbo monster. Check out the detailed under-the-hood pics. (Daniel Walsh ,

Familia Murray King's 1990 Familia GTX 1.8i 4WD in Wellington, New Zealand. 16 inch TSW Blade Alloy wheels, lowered 2 inches, with a 2.5 inch turbo free flow exhaust. (Murray King,

GTR A 323GTR in Hida, Japan, and another in Yokohama. (Sato,

GTR Jump A racing GTR. Courtesy of Joe Stepan, of the Czech republic. (Joe Stepan)

Yuchym Yuchym Pictures of Chris Yuchym's GTX with 17" Enkie wheels. Chris is from Burnaby B.C. Canada. (Chris Yuchym)

GTR A picture of a GT-R Group A in "full flight" at a rally in Norway. (Frank-Ove Mannsåker, Oslo, Norway)

Scott 3 pictures of Australian hot-rod GTX's. (Scott Lambie)

Scott 2 more pictures of Scott's Australian GTX. (Scott Lambie)

Scott 3 pictures of Scott Lambie's GTX in Australia (Scott Lambie)

Rally June 1997 Forest Rally, Perth, Australia. Photo by Ben Searcy. (via Scott Lambie)

Pete 3 pictures of Peter De Bosch Kemper's GTX (Peter De Bosch Kemper)

Brian Brian Oldford's stock 323 GTX (Brian Oldford)

Clay McLendon Clay McLendon's modified 323 GTX (Clay McLendon)

Ali Khan Ali Khan's 323 GTX (Ali Khan)

323 GT-R '93, Grp.A Mazda 323 GT-R '93, Grp.A, in a rally in Norway. (Frank-Ove Mannsåker)

Jose Cordano's GTX Black Beauty - 220hp 1989 GTX in Peru (Jose Luis Cordano)

Charlie's 323 GTX A souped up 1988 street car, this little hot-rod hatchback is a blast to drive! Click on the picture for a full description. (Charlie Crutchfield)

European 185 hp 1.8l 323 GTX (via Sean Magowan)

1987 1987 1987 323 GTX (via Sean Magowan)

SCCA SCCA SCCA driver slipping around a corner. (via Sean Magowan)

Edling 323 GTX Swedish champion Torbjorn Edling. The car is a 1597 CC Mazda Turbo with 268 hp and 6-speed gearbox. It weighs about 1050 kg. (Courtesy of Lars Norlander)

Mats Jonsson Mats Jonsson in Bergslagsrallyt, January -94. The car has a greater than 300 hp, 1866 cc engine. (Photos by Ben Bradley, via David LaTourette)

Greg Lund Greg Lund/Lynne Lund. NorthWest Region SCCA Pro Rally, Dryad Quest, November 6, 1993 (Photos by Ben Bradley, via David LaTourette)

Tim Paterson Tim Paterson/Penny Paterson. Porter Creek Crossing, November 7, 1993 (Photos by Ben Bradley, via David LaTourette)

Tom Ottey Tom Ottey and Pam McGarvey as they take a tight corner in the SCCA Pro Rally "Rim of the World" (Photo courtesy of Team HKE Racing)

Peter Moodie Jamaican rally champions Peter Moodie and Michael Fennell are always spectacular in their Open Class Mazda 323 GTX (Photo courtesy of Team HKE Racing)

Makio Yamanaka Makio Yamanaka and Fumiaki Yamazaki traveled from Tokyo, Japan to win their class last year (Photo courtesy of Team HKE Racing)

Greg Lund Greg Lund, press stage. Rim of the World, 1994 (Photo courtesy of Team HKE Racing)

Ben Bradley Ben's street Mazda (By Ben Bradley)

Hill Climb Saku Vierimaa of Finland, driving one of Carl Merrills Mazdas at Mt Washington, New Hampshire. (1990?). (Via Kurt)

Dave Hewson's GTX Dave Hewson's daily driver (Via Dave Hewson)

Nian Lala's GTX 1987 323 GTX, 2wd, once owned by Nian Lala in New Zealand. Click picture for more info. Nian Lala

Ulf Holmstrom's GTX 1991 GTX. Intercooled turbo, 4WD, 1.8i 16-valve engine with 165 horsepower. Goes 0-60Mph in 6.9 seconds, and a top speed of 140 Mph. Ulf Holmstrom

Calgary Winter Rally 1992 Shawn Bishop / Suzanne Stewart, Mazda 323 GTX in the Calgary Winter Rally, 1992. Photo by Gord Kirby

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