1988 Mazda 323 GTX

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This car is a real sleeper - looks like a little econobox hatchback, but boy can it move! It is very light, powerful, and nimble. This model was quite competitive in rally racing. Although it can't compare to the quality and solidness of the Audi quattro coupe, it is a heck of a lot faster (!) and a ton of fun to toss around.
Just a little four-wheel-drive machine with a 1.6 liter 16 valve four cylinder turbo motor, on the highway it will outrun anything short of a Corvette or Porsche 911. I bought it second-hand and ran it for a few years before selling it to Charlie Crutchfield. It has been very well kept and is loaded with performance and "style" enhancements:

323 GTX - For Sale and Wanted to Buy

So many people were sending me email, looking for a car like this or selling a car like this, that I decided to create a web page. Check out my Mazda 323 Directory - For Sale and Wanted to Buy.

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