Sold ! '83 Audi Quattro

Picture of red Quattro 97k miles, Mars Red w. brown leather.

A modern classic at a commuter price !

I bought it from the original owner, and have records for the four years I've run it. Lots of recent work including a new turbo, new clutch, and brand new stainless full exhaust (factory).

I know I'll regret selling it, but a car like this deserves more on-going attention than I have time for.

This is a nice straight example of the original limited production Quattro. This trend-setting model reintroduced full-time all-wheel drive in sports cars. Quattro coupes ruled the world of Rally racing for years, and the chunky styling set the stage for the slab-sided '80s. This fantastic car sold for $35,000 US at a time when a Porsche 911 was $31,750. Only 240 1983 Quattros were imported into the US.

This car is a blast to drive ! It is over built and under stressed. Drive it gently and it's a highway cruiser; 4th gear at 80mph is 4000 rpm. It pulls and pulls up to the 6500 redline - then you shift into 5th. Drive it with gusto and it's one of those cars that makes the landscape shrink - everything seems closer together. Step on the gas, spool up the turbo, and easily balance between understeer and oversteer. The handling is incredibly predictable and forgiving.

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