Alfred Henry Sturtevant (AHS) Family Photos

Photos courtesy of Henry Sturtevant and Harriet Shapiro. Click on image for larger picture.

AHS, believe it or not, age 3 in Jacksonville, Illinois. Circa 1894.

AHS in 1894
AHS' fatherAHS' Father AHS' motherAHS' mother, Harriet Morse Sturtevant
Charles Moody Morse ca 1857AHS' mother, Harriet Evelyn Morse with her family and father Charles Moody Morse ca 1857
Aunt LucyAHS' paternal aunt Lucy Aunt EmmaAHS' maternal aunt Emma
AHS children in 1932 AHS children William, Harriet, and Henry Sturtevant and their nanny Lillian. England circa 1932.
Woods Hole house buildersHere are Pat and Jim Riley, who built the AHS summer house at 10 Agassiz Road in Woods Hole, Mass. The little girl is Margaret (?), still in the Woods Hole area. Circa 1927. Emilie Curtis ReedEmilie Curtis Reed, mother of AHS' wife Phoebe Reed, with her grandchildren. From left to right, Jane Price, Harriet Sturtevant, Mimi Price, Charleton Price, and Bill Sturtevant. (Mimi is about a year older than I am, so I guess I didn't quite make the cut - Henry Sturtevant)
Charlton Albanus ReedCharlton Albanus Reed, born December 23, 1861. Future husband of Emilie Curtis Reed and father of AHS' wife Phoebe Reed.

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