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William Curtis Sturtevant
My father, the anthropologist., an article by Bill Merrill on the occasion of his festschrift in 2002.

Samuel Sturtevant
I have been told that all Sturtevants in the US are descended from this Samuel Sturtevant. This link is courtesy of James Clifton Mayfield, also a descendant of Samuel. Jim does not know me and we have never met, but we are related. I found this link through the magic of the Web.

The Ancestry of Alfred Henry Sturtevant III
A genealogy prepared in 1955 by my grandfather Alfred Henry Sturtevant II for his youngest son. Transcribed from the handwritten original by my cousin Marion Newlevant.

Alfred H. Sturtevant see also and Wikipedia entry
My paternal grandfather was a geneticist. In the early part of the last century, he was the first to map the linear arrangement of genes along the chromosomes. He was an undergraduate (sophomore) at the time. Here's his original paper.

Alfred H. Sturtevant family photos
Here are some family snapshots from the late 19th and early 20th century

Bradford Sturtevant
My second cousin was a Volcanologist at Caltech

A Visit to a Farming Dairy at Chunchula, Alabama
A description in a WPA diary of a visit to one of my Southern relative's farm in Alabama, 1938. Source:

How to wear a longyi
Instructions from my father on how to wear a Burmese longyi.

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