How to wear a Longyi

Instructions by William C. Sturtevant, December 2001

For Alex, to prepare for trip to Burma - Merry Christmas from Grandfather

Herewith is an antique longyi, with which to practice wearing.

(It's a lot easier to demonstrate than it is to diagram & describe! Hope this works.)

Normally worn without underwear, so wearer can urinate or defecate modestly, by squatting down (Burmese style: both feet flat on ground, including heels), with lower edge of longyi draped outside legs, on the ground.

One can wash in public, by loosening the waist & holding the longyi up with one hand, while using the other hand inside with soap and water. The bare upper body is washed also. Dry off above, and inside the now-wet longyi, which is fastened at waist as usual, while a dry longyi is pulled over the head and outside the wet longyi, the latter being then unloosened, dropped to feet, while new longyi is tied on.

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