OEDIPUS AT COLONUS picks up where OEDIPUS REX left off'; Oedipus has left Thebes with Antigone, and the two are wandering the area. The once mighty ruler is now just an old, disheveled, blind man. Oedipus and Antigone arrive at Colonus, and are welcomed by the King Theseus, because of a prophecy which has come out about Oedipus - he will bring good fortune to those which help and shelter him. Now, Theseus is not the only one who has heard of the words of the oracle, and both Creon and Polyneices try to capture Oedipus to ensure military victory. Oedipus does not go with either one, and curses Polyneices. Theseus is very good to Oedipus, and when the time of ddeath comes for the ancient Theban ruler, a secret is passed on to Theseus. Oedipus has Theseus bury his body in a special place, and says that Theseus should have his son bury him there, and so on down the bloodline. As long as the leader is buried in this certain spot, than the area will always be victorius in battle. OEDIPUS AT COLONUS is also important because it finishes off the part of the Cycle where Oedipus is the focus, and shifts on to the next generation - Antigone.

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