The main characters of the play are:

OEDIPUS: The man who was once King of Thebes is now a blind beggar who travels with his daughter (sister) Antigone. The entire play revolves around this character.

ANTIGONE: The daughter (sister) of Oedipus, she travels with him, and ends up leading him to Colonus.

THESEUS: The classical Greek hero, and ruler of Colonus takes sympathy upon Oedipus, and helps the old king.

CREON: Enemy of Oedipus from previous play, comes to capture Oedipus and use him as a good luck charm.

POLYNEICES: Elder son (brother) of Oedipus, now ruler of Argos. He comes to try and recruit Oedipus, like Creon, so that the old knig would bring Argos victory in battle.

There are a few other characters in the play, but they are minor and irrelevant to the plot.

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