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This directory is out of date and no longer being maintained. It remains here as part of the history of the World Wide Web project.
- Reed Sturtevant, December 31, 1997 -


AB Software
Provides Web space for the Gay and Lesbian community of the North Eastern part of the USA. We provide listings of popular G/L/B (gay, lesbian & bisexual community) business services and travel locations and provide local (G/L/B) charities free space.
Acorn Software
This server provides company background, products, and services and access to an online demonstration of most of Acorn Software's products. (Experimental)
Active Window Productions
Active Window Productions creates print, video, and interactive materials. Home of FINS: the Fish Information Service containing resources about aquariums, both marine and freshwater.
Adams Media Corporation/Adams JobBank Online
Complete career resource center. Access job listings and best-selling career publications. Interact with career authors. Learn about career software and CD-ROM titles Adams has to offer.
Adaptive Optics Associates, Inc.
Adaptive Optics Associates, Inc.
ADMINS Inc. is the developer of the ADMINS product: A full forms based database application development environment for OpenVMS and UNIX platforms.
Advanced Visual Systems
Makers of visualization software development tools and visual data analysis products for scientific, engineering, and technical business professionals.
Africa Online (SM)
This is a commercial website providing Web content on Africa plus a host of different services.
Agile Networks, Inc.
Manufacturer of high-speed Ethernet to ATM backbone switches using the Agile Relational LAN Architecture and ATMman Management Software.
AJS.COM's Home Page
Boston-area Babylon5 information (WSBKTV-38 Scheduling, etc), and Magic:The Gathering cards for sale and wanted, and Aaron Sherman's Home Page.
Alden Electronics, Inc.
A worldwide provider of Weather Data Systems, highly reliable Marine Electronics, and specialized Imaging products and papers.
Allworth Press
Allworth Press is a publishing company that provides practical information for artists, photographers, designers, and authors as well as business and legal self-help guides and books on multimedia, film, and performing arts.
Alpine Computer Systems, Inc.
Alpine Computer Systems, Inc. is the premier provider of technology services in New England.
Amber Wave Systems
Amber Wave Systems is pioneering the market for workgroup switching by offering high performance Ethernet switching products for a price slightly higher than shared LAN hubs.
American Business Systems
Products for accounting, retail point-of-sale and wholesale distribution.
American Internet Corporation
American Internet Corporation makes industrial-strength Internet server software. Our first product, SiteBuilder, is web server software for Novell Netware that is fast and easy to use.
The American Uechi-Ryu Forum
These web pages were created in 1995 to robustly spread the knowledge about Uechi-Ryu with a friendly open manner.
Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc.
Amerinex A.I. and its products, current contracts, technical reports and personnel.
Amherst College ACCESS
Academic, administrative and social information about Amherst College.
Amherst Center for Russian Culture
Cataloged holdings of the ACRC archive: papers and manuscripts connected to Russian literature, especially Russian emigre literature.
Arcon Corporation
Consulting services in system integration, computer networking, software development, engineering, and physical sciences.
Assumption College
General information and course and athletic schedules, information on the Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment (to be held July 21-25, 1995), and The Contrarian's View investment newsletter.
Athena Design
Athena Design creates and sells spreadsheet software for 32-bit operating systems.
Automobile purchasers can buy or lease new cars or trucks at wholesale prices on-line using our free service.
AutoWeek On Line
On Line version of America's only weekly automotive enthusiast magazine. AutoWeek On Line (AWOL) provides users with access to more than 21,000 classified ads for automotive related merchandise and services each year. There is also a free screen saver at the site for users to download after registering. No cost to register.
Avid Technology
Information on all-digital solutions for capturing, creating, editing and distributing digital media. Avid products are used to produce films, television programs, special effects, broadcast news, audio recordings, and more.


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BGS Systems
BGS Systems develops the BEST/1 Performance Assurance products that help users monitor, report, predict and optimize computer performance for IBM MVS and VM systems, UNIX systems (IBM, HP, Sun, Digital and others), AS/400 systems, OpenVMS, OS/2 and Networks.
Basis Technology
Software internationalization and localization services for Japan, China, and Korea
Beer and Wine Hobby
In business for nearly 25 years and known in brewing circles for dedication to quality brewing and wine making. This catalog includes brewing kits, equipment, ingredients and recipes. You can order electronically.
Berkshire County Network
Information about local Berkshire County Businesses and Tourism
Beverly Chamber of Commerce
Located in the heart of Boston's North Shore, the city of Beverly has unparalleled amenities -- its harbor, beaches, and local businesses.
BioSpace and Mintz, Levin, Cohen, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.
Part of BioSpace, an online community for the biotech industry, Mintz Levin and ML Strategies provide a full range of legal and consulting services.
Biotech Company WWW Registry
The World's largest database of WWW/email addresses of biotech companies on the internet.
Blackboard Technology Group, Inc.
Descriptions of blackboard problem-solving systems, bibliographic links and references, information about Blackboard Technology Group software products (GBB, NetGBB, GBB Runtime), demonstrations, and more.
Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc. (BBN)
Twenty-five years ago, BBN built the network that became the Internet. Today it is designing and operating internets, ATM switches, and many other specialized types of packet-switched networks.
BBN Planet
BBN Planet, formerly BBN Internet Services Corporation, offers comprehensive Internet service packages to business and organizations worldwide.
BBN Software Products
BBN Software Products Corporation produces applications that transform large volumes of data into useful information
Bob Bond & Associates
Patent illustration for the world. Our clients are patent law firms, intellectual property departments of major high technology corporations, educational institutions and prominent medical facilities.
Boston City Hall
The Mayor of Boston's new cyber-site
Boston College
Boston College is located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, and enrolls 9,400 full-time undergraduates and 4,300 graduate students, hailing from all 50 states and 86 foreign countries.
Boston College Center for International Higher Education
Online resources for scholars of international affairs and higher education, as well as full text versions of the internationally-circulated newsletter, "International Higher Education."
Merkert Chemistry Center at Boston College
Degree programs in chemistry programs, chemical research endeavors, information about facilities, faculty and staff.
The Boston Globe
Boston's largest daily newspaper, on-line
Boston Online
A Web server devoted to the city of Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, the Athens of America and the Hub of the Universe (we may be small as major urban centers go, but we think big).
The Boston Restaurant Guide
The guide is an interactive database driven site of restaurant comments and ratings by restaurant goers. Users can search by cuicine, location or by over 30 querying parameters.
Boston University
The official Boston University server. General information about the University and links to college, school, and department servers.
BioMolecular Engineering Research Center
Describes the Center's charter, and provides links to resources such as a protein structure-homolog database and a protein sequence analysis server.
Computer Science Department
This official Home Page includes information about the department's faculty, students, syllabus, colloquia, technical reports, and much more.
Crohns Disease - Ulcerative Colitis - Irritable Bowel Disease Home Page
Living with these diseases on a day-to-day basis requires courage, hope, humor, information. Here are FAQs, links to other sources, and more.
Department of Physics
An hypertext guide to experiments at the department, and hopefully, floorplans of our buildings with profiles of professors and researchers. (Experimental)
Department of Radiology
Information about the residency and the fellowships; listing of faculty, fellows and residents; links to other radiology sites
India, Indian States, Indian Cities, Tourism, Misc and related links. (Experimental)
The International Neural Network Society
The International Neural Network Society and the 1995 World Conference on Neural Networks
School of Medicine
Scientific Computing and Visualization
Information on scientific computing and the computational science groups
Multimedia Communications Lab
Research activities in the MCL and information about current and upcoming events in the field of multimedia computing. We also have a number of MPEG audio/video files on-line.
Shopping, restaurants and town information for the greater Boston area.
Brandeis University
This Web Server provides general information about Brandeis, the youngest private research university in the United States, and links to specific departments on campus.
Department of Mathematics
Rosenstiel Center at Brandeis University
Research in Structural Biology, Immunology and Molecular Biology.
Bristol Community College
Academic info about Bristol Community College. Some pages that have multiple entry points into the WWW. (Experimental)
Brookline Online
Everything having to do with the town of Brookline.
Bruker Instruments Inc.
BII is a manufacturer of analytical instruments. The Bruker product line includes Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Electron Spin Resonance (EPR), Infrared (IR) and Mass (FT-MS and TOF) Spectrometers.
Burlington Police Dept. Home Page
Burlington (MA) Police Dept. Take a virtual tour of our station, download crime prevention tips and view statistics.
E. Butterworth & Co., Inc.
Recycling since 1839. We specialize in textile waste, cuttings, cutters and cotton wipers. We recycle paper products pre and post consumer waste and synthetic waste products. We recycle denim, cotton, cutters, waste and rags.


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Calendar Plus with Screen Saver
Free Computer Photo Calendars with Screen Saver. Titles include skiing, sailing, beaches and more. Features a rolodex, schedule, etc. Send Calendar Plus to your customers or personalize with your photos.
CambridgeSoft Corporation
High quality desktop applications for chemists and engineers. Our principal product is ChemOffice Pro(tm), a suite of software programs that integrates chemical structure drawing, molecular modeling and analysis, and chemical information management.
Cape Ann Web Site
Cape Ann is a rocky peninsula on the northeast coast of Massachusetts which includes the towns of Rockport, Essex, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and the City of Gloucester. Our server provides extensive information on the scenic Cape for those visiting by land, sea, or Net.
Cape Cod businesses, public service, and tourist information.
Masscot Information Service Home Page
Desktop Publishing, Data Research, Direct Mail Marketing Data Research, Computer Systems
SMMEA Home Page
Southeast Massachusetts Maritime Employee Association and its relations with the Woods Hole, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Authority on Cape Cod, MA
Our customers and the services we provide. Also has local tourist information for Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket Island.
Audio CDs, CD-ROM's, Enhanced CDs, Removable Drives, Multi-changers? Single-touch launch from fully-automated/user programmable 3D faceplates.
Channel 1 BBS
Channel 1, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of the largest BBSs in the United States. Full access to the system is available through this link or by telneting to
Acquisition & Control Electronics
I am a consultant who performs design reviews and designs new products. I specialize in analog circuits and instruments.
Charles River Laboratories, Inc.
Charles River Laboratories is a global company providing products and services to the biomedical research and testing communities.
Charles View Software, Inc.
Programming and internationalization (i18n) services provided by Charles View Software, Inc.
Charrette is a supplier of art and design products and imaging services with offices in 9 states and world-wide distribution.
City of Cambridge
The official home page for the City of Cambridge.
Automotive information on all makes and models of Chevrolet cars, trucks, sport vehicles, vans, and New England auto dealers' directory.
Christian views: current world situation
What is the gospel of Jesus Christ? How to save millions of human lives per year by applying Christ's teachings to the current world situation.
Clark University
Clark University in Worcester
Computer Dog
Animated Drumheads, They Might Be Giants, Institute for the Organically Challenged, Clark U Chemistry Dept, and Computer Dog Consulting. (Experimental)
Click 3x
At Click 3x we provide our artists with the necessary tools to create dazzling broadcast imagery. Our tools include Flame on the SGI Onyx, multiple 3D software applications for our Extreme machines and multiple desktop computers. Check out the Quicktime and post to the FAQs.
ClickMed Corporation
ClickMed Software and turnkey hardware for healthcare, primary care, gynecology, dermatology, telemedicine, practice management, electronic claims Pap, mammography tracking.
Closity provides Internet access in the Boston area
Coffeehaus Networks, Corp.
Internet Cosulting - Design - Internet Cafe
Features online college applications to over 200 colleges, including MIT and Harvard Business. Over 80 of the colleges have completely free applications.
Common Sense Connection
Data General Corp. products and services
CommonWealth Exchange
A pilot program to promote electronic commerce and collaboration among Massachusetts businesses. This is a project of the Massachusetts Telecommunications Council.
Programming courses, Internet training, network sales and comsulting
Computer Express! -- The Computer Products Superstore
Thousands of Mac and PC software titles and peripheral products at deep discounts, with full descriptions of each.
Computer Marketplace Inc.
Novell Networks, WWW home pages, Computer related products
Computer Telephone Corp.
CTC is a provider of telecommunications network services. As the country's oldest and largest independent sales agent for telephone companies, CTC provides a direct line of premier products to small to medium sized companies.
The Concord Review
The only journal in the world for the academic work of high school students. We have published 297 serious history papers.
Connectivity Solutions Inc.
Internet Connectivity and Web Technology
Continental Resources, Inc.
Our Computer Division specializes in complex networking solutions and systems integration. We also manufacture commercial and industrial PCs. Our Test Instruments Division rents, sells and leases precision test and measurement instruments.
Corporate Image Apparel, Inc.
Order your own personalized, high quality, Call Sign Cap.
Corporate Staffing Center, Inc
A virtual corporate staffing center which changes the way corporation approach staffing.
The Cove
The Cove provides Internet access and community networking to Boston's North Shore and Cape Ann.
Crocker Communications
We are a professional full-service internet provider for Western Massachusetts.
DBS Consulting Service
DBS provides computer training and support, network installation and management, internet server hardware and site development, home page programming and management, custom programming in C, FoxPro, and Access, and systems analysis and design services. DBS is located in Greenfield, Massachusetts.
Cromack Industries World-Wide Web Server
Data communications test equipment and application notes for the Cellular Telephone and Radio Paging Industries. Applications include "mobile data", "data security", and "emerging standards".
CSA Fitness
Worlds leading fitness equipment company celebrating 25 years. Exercise, health, weight loss, wellness. Names like Golds Gym, Alpine, PowerWalk, E-Force.
CU-SeeMe Gallery
A gallery of CU-SeeMe'rs from the Internet Café
Custom Innovative Solutions (CIS)
We provide source code, demo applications, informal technical articles, and collaborative projects.
Cyber Access Internet Communications, Inc.
High quality, inexpensive, flat rate, unlimited Internet access in the Boston area.
Muse Net
The professional art and educational services existing in the Southeast Region of Massachusetts (Experimental)
Nebula Design
Fashion, Web Design, Print Design, Photography, Art, Father's Rights, EcoTourism, Real Estate
Roommate! Works
Roommate! Works is a roommate referral agency for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.
cyways, inc.
Consulting services for enduser organizations wishing to join the global Internet community. We offer total Internet solutions for business, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies.


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Dentistry: High Tech
The latest information about high tech dentistry as it pertains to practice management and clinical dentistry. It includes information from four years of publication of DDRT: Dentists' Desktop Reference to Technology.
Destiny Studios
Actor/Production Designer Edmund Janas, complete with project samples and links to useful Arts and Entertainment related Web pages.
Digital Consulting, Inc. Conferences and Trade Shows
DCI is the largest high technology education and management consulting firm in North America. Some of our more popular events are Database Client/Server World, EMail World, and Web World.
Digital Equipment Corp.
Product and service information, Alpha AXP demo systems, software.
High Performance Computing
The family of Alpha systems, high-speed interconnects for UNIX clusters, and parallel computing software environment.
Dimensional Insight
CrossTarget OLAP DSS/EIS Multidimensional Database software
DreamLight WebSite
Visit the DreamLight Virtual Gallery and read the DreamLight Insights on digital design, illustration and multimedia. Also download the latest DreamLight shareware.
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. DSP catalog and database, product literature and documentation from DSP vendors, industry news, and vendor user groups.


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We are 75,000 citizens, scientists, artists, teachers, and students from 20 countries, who have joined scientists to serve their environment. Our doors are open to any educational or cultural background. The public can participate in projects either as volunteers, armchair investors, or readers likely to spread the word.
EF World
World's choice in international travel, language study and cultural exchange. We are the global classroom, bringing the planet to life for students and educators everywhere.
Search engine for travel journals, trip reports and travelogues
Elektra: The Digitas Online Magazine
Emerging technologies, Internet developments, and the Harvard Student organization Digitas.
Electronic Commerce Associates
Host to commercial Web pages including Floréal®, known in California for its innovative floral designs, including specialties in arrangement of dried fruits and flowers. Electronic ordering is coming soon.
The Electronic Newsstand
The Electronic Newsstand carries complete articles from over 250 publishers of magazines, books, journals, newsletters, etc. Browse for free, subscribe for less!
Empire Mall
Global Interactive Shopping Mall
Entropy Press
Non-linear ideas, art, culture, knowledge
Excalibur Data Recovery
Data Recovery on hard drives, tapes, laptops, servers from crashes, viruses, overwrites, corrupt partitions including DOS, MAC, Unix, Novell. Removable disk pack inspection, cleaning, sales.


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Falcon Software
Falcon Software is an educational software publisher specializing in Chemistry, Electronics, Engineering, Environmental Science, and Foreign Languages.
Family Law Advisor
Divorce lawyers tell all. Family Law Advisor, an on-line newsletter addresses custody, visitation, alimony, child support, property division, domestic abuse, and other domestic relations areas.
The Faxon Company
We are a serial publication subscription agency. Our site includes information about the serials industry: pricing projections and analyses, new publications, links to publishers and library-related sites, and resources related to EDI and other standards.
Fiddler's Cove Marina
Cape Cod's premier full service marina. We're located in North Falmouth, in the heart of some of the Northeast's finest boating and fishing waters.
An interactive site where viewers can locate artists by using multiple criteria, view their artwork and contact artists directly or through their dealers.
Finer & Company, CPA's & Consultants
CPA's and CFP's on staff: Specializing in domestic and international tax issues, off-shore tax and bank accounts: individual, trust, estate, partnership and corporate taxation.
A value-added reseller of medical data, F1RSTMARK includes a catalog of healthcare databases, directories, & CD/ROM products, and the "Medical Business Finder," a search engine for medical companies/services.
Flashpoint Home Page
We provide software development, porting from one platform to another, product design and consulting. Whether the project is Windows, Macintosh or cross platform, we have the expertise to get the job done on time and on budget.
Forrester Research
Forrester Research's technology market analysis services, including information about our research and consulting services, about past research reports, press releases and employment information.
Foundation Designs Inc.
Our services and products. This server also supports two of the regions non-profit performing arts groups: Foxborough Regional Center for the Performing Arts, and Shakespeare & Company.
FTP Software, Inc.
Makers of PC/TCP software and other products.
Funk Software, Inc.
Funk Software provides networking utility applications for Novell NetWare LANs. We supply programs for remote access, software usage metering, server-based compression, and network remote control.


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Gaming World
Gaming, Casinos, Sports Betting, Wagering, Handicapping, Bets of USA Directory, HTML publishing
General Theory of Religion
Using Forrester-style system dynamics to model and simulate the cognitions and perceptions of mystic just before experience of mystical union to form a general theory of religion.My server introduces my ideas and my book, A Meditation on Mystical Union. (Experimental)
The leading supplier of software for creating intelligent real-time solutions for industrial, scientific, commercial, and government applications worldwide.
Gentle Movers, Boston
Massachusetts moving company offers household, local and interstate moving services. Visitors to site can fill in form, and Gentle Movers will evaluate and send back a moving fee.
George S. Drummey Company
Design Build Contractor
Glider Rides
Soar like an eagle in a large (airplane size) glider. Safe, serene, unforgettable. Fantastic gifts for singles and couples.
Global Ecology Study Abroad/IHP
Global ecology study abroad program for college students and older; travel around the world, small group, homestays, college credit.
Globewide Network Academy
GNA is a worldwide non-profit consortium of educational and research organizations.
GTE Broadband Home Page
GTE Government Systems Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switching and security products. The GTE Broadband Engineering group provides expertise in the areas of Systems Engineering, Software, Hardware, Networking and Integration.


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H & T
Harrison & Troxell is an Internet software development and services company headquartered in Brookline.
The H2O Polo Home Page
The H2O Polo Homepage is a fully interactive Web site serving water polo players around the world. Teams and individuals can post scores, schedules, keep tabs on competitors, monitor Olympics news, and participate in interactive offerings.
Hampshire College WWW Server
Academics, admissions, alumni, and current events.
Hampshire College Student Homepages
and online publications
Hanscom School WWW Server
The Official Server for the Hanscom School System.
The Maria Hastings School Server,Lexington Public Schools, Lexington, MA, US
This site represents activities relating to the Lexington Public Schools, especially the Maria Hastings School. Visit Cookie Castle, the fourth-grade cookie store that is awaiting their first order from the WWW. Read our town's Educational Technology Plan. Learn Lexington's Colonial History from the elementary school perspective.
We are a full service web presence provider. Services include graphic arts, CGI development, web service concept and design, conversion of print catalogs, "shopping cart" services, and secure transactions.
Harvard University
ADS Abstract Service
Access to about 160,000 Astronomy and Astrophysics abstracts with a sophisticated searching system.
Harvard University Fencing Team, latest events in Ivy League fencing, data from Olympic Games and world championships.
Graduate School of Education
Harvard University, Graduate School of Education
Herpetology Server
Herpetology (the scientific study of reptiles and amphibians) Includes: job listings, upcoming meetings, information on discussion groups and more (Experimental)
Harvard Business School
The official front page of the Harvard Business School.
Harvard Business School Publishing
Harvard Collaborative Oncology Group
The Harvard Collaborative Oncology Group (HCOG) provides an effective vehicle for cancer research and education by stimulating mutual assistance among institutions affiliated with the Harvard Medical School.
Harvard Medical WWW Server
Useful information for medical, clinical, dental, and scientific professionals and researchers. Included are several experimental teaching files and databases.
HMS Machine Shop
We are a department of Harvard Medical School that designs and builds custom medical research tools. We have text and graphics advertising these tools on our Web page in hopes that they will be useful to the world-wide medical research community.
Harvard University Press
Listings of books recently published by the Harvard University Press and other information relevant to the Press.
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA)
The CfA combines the resources and research facilities of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and the Harvard College Observatory to pursue studies in astronomy and astrophysics.
JFK School of Government
Model United Nations
One of the largest collegiate simulations of the United Nations in the world, drawing over 2,000 students from around the world. Visit our WWW site to learn more about the conference and how to register.
Molecular Biology Core Facilities at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
We provide molecular biology services including DNA synthesis, peptide synthesis, protein sequencing, fluorescent DNA sequencing, mass analysis as well as DNA and protein database searches. Depending on demand these services can be offered to researchers not at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
Perspective, Harvard-Radcliffe's Liberal Monthly, the left-wing general-issues magazine of Harvard University.
Physics Department
It has mostly items of local interest, but there are pointers to a few documents which may be useful to a wider community.
Schepens Eye Research Institute.
Charles L. Schepens, M.D., President, J.Wayne Streilein, M.D., Director. One of the world's most prominent centers for research on the eye, and vision problems.
Haifan's Home Page
Physics, princeton, harvard, martial art
Lee's House
Home Pages of People on the local network. Links to cool places and useful internet directories. Mail to people on the server. General cool stuff.
Haywood & Sullivan Website
Full service, award-winning design/multimedia firm specializing in cutting-edge interface design, packaging, illustration, and graphics.
Help Wanted Advertising for Companies and Career Seekers Employment opportunities throughout the country.
Useful information including: how to do things, how to fix things.
HiQ Computers & Networks
Computers, Operating Systems, Networking, Linux, Other Computer related Web site lists
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester
College information, including Admissions, campus events and departmental information, including the Perseus system.
Home Info Line
Real estate listing and information service
Horizon Research, Inc.
Horizon Research, Inc. - an R & D American subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric. HRI focuses on development of Information Technology. Also, we support the homepage for Mitsubishi Electric America and Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation.
HTR, Inc.
Technical tips for Networking, Groupware and Client/Server technologies. Training schedules & Consulting Opportunities.
The Hub
The Hub is an Internet resource for mathematics and science education, maintained by TERC on behalf of the Regional Alliance.
Hungary Online Directory
On-line resources related to Hungary and Hungarians
HyperDesk Corp.
HyperDesk Corporation develops and markets personal groupware and workgroup management software.


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IDGWEC World Expo
The leader in producing professional conferences and expositions for the information technology industry.
Cop an attitude with the HOTTEST new T-SHIRTS, SWEATSHIRTS, and CAPS on the Web. Enjoy surfing thru our 12 pages of unique designs and get FREE STUFF too.
Information Access Company
Periodical reference products and electronic databases, specializing in electronic information services.
The Information Server Company
The Information Server Company.
Web Advertising/Presence providing Baseball
Insitu Inc. Home Page
Desktop conferencing software for Windows & the Internet
Integrated Computer Solutions
ICS was the first company to offer training and products based on the X Window System.
Interactive Nest Egg
IDD Information Services in Waltham, MA is offering an online version of its print publication, along with total return charts of top performing mutual funds.
Interleaf, Inc.
Interleaf products allow you to create, assemble, and manage document-based information and distribute it in a variety of formats including HTML for Internet Publishing.
Internet Dog Shelter
The IDS provides information pages for several New England dog shelters and lists of current "residents" (complete with pictures in many cases) updated on a weekly basis. Web visitors interested in a specific animal can receive instructions on how to contact the shelter.
Internet Voyager
A monthly newsletter covering the best sites and tools for surfing the net, as well as the worst of the Internet.
intuitive information, inc.
Providers of business and personal Internet access and other services.
Ralph's Home Page
Personal information, links that change daily, and other cool links.
Iris Associates
Developers of Lotus Notes


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J. Robert Scott
J. Robert Scott is a retainer-based executive search firm. Our Web site provides background information on our firm, a representative list of clients that we serve and a partial listing of current search assignments.
JEM Computers
Surplus PC products at incredibly low prices! JEM Computers is a mail order factory outlet for desktop systems, notebooks, CD-ROM drives, hard drives, tape drives, monitors, printers, scanners and memory. Our product and price list changes daily.
Jet Photo Homepage
Specialists in inexpensive glossy Promo photos for entertainers, advertisers and P.R. Also complete slide and imaging services with FTP access. A full service Photo Lab.
Journey announces their current recording 'The Rosary a Daily Prayer' a soothing accompaniment to the Rosary dramatically recited in mood setting music.


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Kilimanjaro Adventure Travel
African travel specialist. Wide variety of tours and information, including hotels, wildlife safaris, gorilla treks, mountain climbing, white water rafting, and scuba diving.
Kersur Technologies
Internet Service Provider located in Southeastern Massachusetts, in the 508 area code.
Knowledge-Based Technologies, Inc.
KBT is a full services Internet consulting, implementation, and training firm. KBT also offers web page creation and hosting services.


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Data acquisition and process control software, including real-time remote monitoring on the Internet.
Language Engineering Corporation
We provide online English to Japanese translation services and machine translation systems. This site has descriptions of our products and services in English and Japanese and sample translations produced by our LogoVista software.
Lateiner Dataspace's
We provide information on discrete physical simulation, volume visualization techniques, and other three-dimensional computing technologies.
Martin Leach
Personal home page.
The Left Bank Operation
The Left Bank Operation provides contracting and support for companies implementing networking. Expertise with LANs WANs telecommunications Internet desktop & server systems, large & small installations.
Lexington High School Class of '89
After speaking with a couple of friends of mine that I graduated with from LHS, I've decided to put together my own page for the LHS class of 1989.
LIFENET is dedicated to helping you develop your own financial planning strategies. At LIFENET, you will find interactive calculators to help guide you through Buying a Home, the purchase of low cost Life Insurance policies, techniques of Wealth A ccumulation,Income Tax Strategies, and designing your own Estate Plan.
LifeStyles - GBLTO Information & Links
Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Straight, Trans, and Others. Information and Support. BBS and modem related topics.
Lois Paul & Partners
A nationwide marketing communications agency that provides strategic counsel and public relations programs to high technology companies.
Luthor at Harvard University
An unofficial student-run server at Harvard University, is still under construction; our resources include a directory of some other Harvard home pages and a calendar of upcoming events (load time may be long - many pictures).
Lotus Development Corp.
One of the world's leading software companies. Makers of 1-2-3, Lotus Notes and the InterNotes Web Publisher. This site also includes searchable technical support.


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Macintosh based workstation solutions, sales, support in the Printing, Pre-Press,Graphic and Multimedia markets.
MacTemps specializes in providing Macintosh experts for businesses in cities throughout the US and London.
The Malden Milestone
News and City Guide for Malden Massachusetts
Maps and Data
A leading provider of affordable, high-quality digital maps and data worldwide
Marble and Granite, Inc.
An importer and wholesaler of natural stone, alabaster, marble, granite, limestone, travertine in tiles and slabs for the New England Market.
Marine Biological Laboratory
The server provides access to the lab's course listings, laboratory documentation, and access to other Woods Hole-based information sources.
Information services for the marine technology industry. MariNet features a database of products and services, daily industry news, calendar of events, and manufacturers' home pages.
Marketing Masters Survey Software
Marketing Research software tools for administering surveys and questionnaires
MarketPlace Resource Center
FIND NEW CUSTOMERS! Build your business! Indispensable resource for free instant online market analysis, free trial CD-ROM, marketing tips, services guide and more!
Welcome to Marty's Office
My personal page
Mass ADvertising Services
Small/medium size business promotion in a Netscape 2.0+ virtual mall type setting. New clients are added regularly. Something of interest to business and consumers both.
Massachusetts Access to Government Information Service
The official web site for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Massachusetts Executive Office of Consumer Affairs
The first state consumer office with its own WWW home page on the "Consumer" Information Superhighway! Consumers can read nearly a dozen booklets on-line about cars, credit, home improvements, and more. Copies can also be e-mailed, usually within minutes of the request. In addition, Massachusetts residents can use a fill-in-the-blanks form to ask consumer questions or for on-the-spot consumer complaint filing.
Mass General Hospital - Neurology
Massachusetts General Hospital's Dept. of Neurology, with info about Neurology staff (pictures, etc.), research projects, as well as information about the different units, and general MGH information as well (maps, etc.). Neurology current events, and lots more!
Mass General Hospital - Neurosurgery
Resources for patients, families, physicians, and other care-givers related to a variety of neurologic diseases including: brain tumors, spine tumors, brain vascular malformations (AVMs and cavernous angiomas), trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm, spina bifida, myelomeningocele, hydrocephalus, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, and more.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The index to MIT servers, student/staff home pages, and other items of interest.
The Church of Scientology vs. the Net.
This page discusses the latest developments in the war by the Church of Scientology to silence criticism on the Internet, and also contains links to other pages with information on the Church of Scientology.
The Electronic Democracy Forum
EDF needs your help in fighting the GOP Contract With America. At EDF, users can view the Contract, related congressional bills, critique, statistics, and e-mail address of members of Congress.
House Rabbit Society
The House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization with two primary goals: (1) to rescue abandoned rabbits and find them homes, and (2) to educate the public and assist humane societies. The HRS Web site contains information about caring for rabbits from many different sources.
The MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, including a searchable index of the AI Lab publications bibliography.
Center for Environmental Health Sciences
Major Research interests of CEHS investigators include:
1. Creating new ways to discover which chemicals enter the body
2) Discovering which, if any, of these chemicals are responsible for human genetic change
3) Determining the primary sources and path of chemicals from the environment to humans
MIT Center for Space Research
The MIT Center for Space Research web server provides information on research projects underway at the Center. It points to observatories and astronomy and related web sites and supplies information on our faculty and research staff.
MIT Computing Support Services Consulting
We are currently providing the OLC stock answers for frequently asked questions about various Athena applications and hardware including: User Accounts, Emacs, FrameMaker, LaTeX, Maple, Matlab, Unix and more. We hope to add microcomputing answers soon.
MIT Earth Resources Lab
Part of the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT, ERL provides information on research in applied geophysics.
MIT Earth Resources Lab's nCUBE 2
Located at MIT's Earth Resources Laboratory, this server offers helpful utilities and information for users of nCUBE 2 parallel computers.
The ongoing research at MIT related to the dissemination of engineering curriculum on WWW. In near future, this server will support several core engineering courses offered by the Mechanical Engineering Department of MIT. (Experimental)
MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
An index to pages and demos provided by research groups at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science.
MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science
MIT Lebanese Club Home Page
Lebanon (Experimental)
MIT Lincoln Laboratory - Group 41
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Group 41, Terminal Air Traffic Control Automation (TATCA) project, Oceanic Air Traffic Control Autoamation project.
MIT Plasma Fusion Center WWW Server
Plasma physics and fusion research at MIT, including information on the PFC's tokamak Alcator C-Mod.
Me, that's about it so far... (Experimental)
Student Information processing Board, gatewaying AFS, the Discuss bulletin board system, the Geographic Nameserver, US National Weather information, Amateur Radio Callsign database.
National Taiwanese American Citizens League (TACL) Homepage
The National Taiwanese American Citizens League
NWS/Northeast River Forecast Center
Northeast River Forecast Center is the National Weather Service office responsible for preparing river forecasts for New England and New York
The Tech
"MIT's oldest and largest newspaper."
Technology Review
The United States' most authoritative and respected technology magazine, published continuously since 1899. We cover the beat of "technology and its implications." Our site includes linking articles, bookshop by mail, classifieds, etc.
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Biomedical Research
Usenet Addresses Service (MIT)
e-mail addresses of individuals. It holds a database of over 4 million addresses that are searchable by name and by organization. It also has links to over 2000 local e-mail directories, phonebooks, and homepage indexes.
WMBR, 88.1 FM
WMBR is the MIT campus radio station. We broadcast on 88.1 FM between 16 and 20 hours per day, 365 days a year. We transmit at 360 watts, effective radiated power from the top of the Eastgate Building in Kendall Square in Cambridge.
Virtual Environment for Training
In the Research Laboratory of Electronics.
Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals -Springfield Animal Shelter
Adoptable animals, pet ownership and health information. Information about the animal shelter, it's services and mission.
Massachusetts Telecommunications Council
How Massachusetts telecommunications companies are leading the world in advances and leading edge technologies in the industry
We offer information for the tourist that is interested in facts about Massachusetts. Listings of major Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping areas and Sight Seeing areas as well as advertising for local merchants.
MathSoft WWW Server
MathSoft, the company that produces the technical calculation software application Mathcad, as well as information about interactive electronic books that work with Mathcad and interactive data analysis software. The server also provides technical support information.
The MathWorks, Inc.
You'll find a product tour for MATLAB, SIMULINK, and all the Application Toolboxes, information on the network services provided by The MathWorks, and much more.
Matt Garland's Web Site
My life. The Mahopac Public Library Home Page
Medical Business Finder
F1RSTMARK provides databases of medical/dental manufacturers, services,research and healthcare providers worldwide. Look up companies by keywords.
Microsystems Software Inc.
Internetworking software products including Cyber Patrol, a parental content control tool for the internet, and our flagship product CaLANdar, the leading enterprise-wide group scheduler.
Mid-America Research Institute
Grass-roots Internet surveys on computer-related topics
Midnight Networks Inc.
Midnight Networks is the developer of ANVL, an automated test tool that validates protocol interoperability in networking products. We also provide strategic internetwork consulting services.
Milestone Services
News and Businesses around Malden Massachusetts. Various Commercial Web Sites. Chimney Sweep Businesses and Suppliers
The MITRE Corporation
A state-of-the art systems engineering corportion specializing in information systems and security, communications systems, and environmental and transportation systems.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) conducts basic research in computers and their uses. From our home page you can reach an overview, biographies of our technical staff, addresses, and a map and directions for finding us.
Applications of Purification Technology, Millipore Products, catalogs searchable by name/application, Millipore Technical Service Assistance, Millipore Investor Information.
MIS Training Institute
MIS Training Institute (USA & Europe), Information Security Institute, The Center for Network and Client/Server Computing and Advanced Information Management InfoSecurity News
The MITRE Corporation
A diversified state-of-the-art systems engineering company with locations throughout the world that also maintains two Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDC).
Molson Rocks the Mountain
New England's Ultimate Ski Parties interactive events, check out the site for times and preregister now!
Used and collectible Super 8 movie cameras for sale. Home of the Visual Encyclopedia of Super 8, more than 1400 pictures of home movie equipment including cameras and film projectors
The Monster Board
The Monster Board is an interactive database for listing and locating job opportunities with America's hottest companies.
Mount Wachusett Community College
Mount Wachusett Community College is an accredited institution of higher education and part of the Massachusetts Community College System.
MST3K at Portnoy's Complaint
The original creator of the MIT Science Theater 3000 Web server has given it a new *his* home! The MST3K at Portnoy's Complaint site will have the news, schedules, commentary, sound bites and Web links that you were used to at its MIT/LL home.
Museum of Science Web Server
General information about the Museum of Science in Boston, and on-line exhibits designed to educate and help promote science literacy in an exciting and fun way!
Music World III
Music World III is designed for the purpose of bringing together music affiliated resources: from bands, record labels, and publishers to manufacturers, retailers, and nightclubs.
MuTech's Products
Frame grabbers and software for PCs in machine vision, image analysis, and image processing where the quality of the image counts!
Global Organization for Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol (MVIP) for Computer-Telephony


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Nantucket Island information provided by the Internet Café
Narbey's Page
Myself and a list of links I have compiled.
National Consortium for High Performance Computing.
General access to a varity of commercial businesses located in north east, south east & and the extended caribbean.
The Nest Group, Inc.
Molecular biology reagents as well as HPLC supplies.
A creative fundraising company designed to help non-profits raise money on-line. Buy your Music and CD-ROMs at NetBenefit and 50% of the net profit goes to a charitable cause you select.
Net Daemons Associates, Inc.
NDA is a computer network consulting firm located in Woburn, MA. We are growing and always interviewing for the best netadmin talent available.
Net Image Company
"Building your image on the Internet, one page at a time." Home of The Quonset Air Museum in Rhode Island.
NetMarquee Business Information NetCenters
The business resource site for executives of emerging & family businesses. Visitors can search under categories and can also exchange information with other executives and experts via NetMarquee forums.
Commercial services.
NetSuite Professional Design - the first intelligent network design system for the physical design, diagramming and mapping, documenting, implementation, inventory and management of internetwork infrastructure
Net-Temps is a searchable database of immediate job openings from leading USA employment agencies.
NET TOOB Multimedia Viewer
NET TOOB Multimedia Viewer plays ALL of the digital video formats found on the Internet (MPEG-1, AVI, MOV & FLC/FLI), as well as real-time audio AND video. It has been rated the Number 1 Multimedia Viewer on the Internet by Stroud's Consummate Winsock App List.
New England Biolabs
Information about the company, technical support, ordering, FTP services, and REBASE (Restriction Enzyme Database).
New England Community Internet
New England Community Internet is a civic organization dedicated to making Internet accessible to the public without barriers of economics or technical expertise.
New England Custom Homes
We are a full service construction company that specializes in the building and/or construction of new custom single family houses or homes in the metrowest Boston Area and Cape Cod.
New England Lobster
New England Lobster
New England Medical Center, Department of Neurosurgery
Our Department of Neurosurgery at the New England Medical Center in Boston, and other Neurosurgery-related URLs and info.
New England Runner
A bi-monthly publication devoted to covering the entire sport of running in New England, featuring, result, race calendar, runner profiles, and nutrition and conditioning articles.
The New England Wood Carver's Web Site
This web site contains information for woodcarvers and about wood carving organizations, and the WoodCarvers Mail List (an email list of >50 woodcarvers).
New Frontiers Information Corporation
A leading provider of Internet based commercial applications, specializing in on-line publishing and interactive services on the Internet World Wide Web.
Newfoundland Club of New England
Newfies on the Net / NCNE
Newton Online
Newton Online Provides Internet Marketing/Communications solutions and is committed to bring New England organizations and buinesses to the global desktop
North Sea Consulting
We provide strategic consulting services and develop and maintain Internet Gateways, Webservers, Infobots, Large-scale Hypertext repositories, customized Search engines and secure e-mail systems.
North Shore Access
An Internet service provider
Boston Photo Imaging
New England's Premier Digital Imaging, Kodak Photo CD and Photography resource.
Commonwealth Consulting
Full Service Internet Consultants. Let Commonwealth Consulting develop an Internet STRATEGY that will meet your business needs.
Family Nutrition and Weight Loss Center
An easier, safer, more complete way to lose weight, improve your health and skin, and achieve a greater sense of well-being.
Lara Consulting Group
We specialize in online publishing and prepress - Let us show you how to bring the power of the Internet's World Wide Web to your business.
Medical Design Company
We provide medical marketing, advertising, graphic design services to the healthcare, biotech, pharmaceutical marketplace.
Jyotish Home Page
Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, Eastern Astrology, Sidereal Astrology, Financial Market Predictions, Earthquake Predictions
Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Laboratory
Resources for K-12 educators, state and local education agencies and school staff.
Northeastern University
Northeastern University offers a variety of curricula through seven undergraduate colleges, eight graduate and professional schools, two part-time undergraduate divisions, and a number of continuing education programs and institutes.
Executable Northeastern University Public HTTPD (ENUPH)
ENUPH is a student-run web server that was established to allow non-CCS or COE students to publish their own web pages. Also contains information about other student-run and etcetera Internet projects and services.
Northeastern University, College of Computer Science
Primary server for the College of Computer Science at Northeastern University. (Has been operational since as early as Nov 1993, but has recently undergone restructuring.)
Northeastern University, Communications and Digital Signal Processing Center
The CDSP center conducts research in Communications, Signal Processing and Control Systems. Our server provides abstracts of publications, information on new projects, research groups, faculty and graduate student profiles, seminar and workshop announcements and a newsletter.
Northeastern University Mathematics Department
The Northeastern University Mathematics Department.
Matthew Chojnowski
Home of Precision Computer Designs, Classic Car Carriers, and Roadrunner Installation Services. Also, check out the picture index (cars, offroad,etc.)
Novi Mundi Corporation
Designers and Constructors in Cyberspace Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)


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The Object Corps WWW Information Server
The Object Corps is a volunteer society dedicated to the advancement of open object oriented technologies such as NEXTSTEP/OpenStep & Taligent.
Object Design, Inc.
Information about Objectstore, an object-oriented database running under Unix, WIndows/NT, and OS/2. There is also a customer support area for registered users, and a technical library of information on object databases and object-oriented programming.
Office Specialists, Inc.
Innovative staffing solutions and flexible employment opportunities in the areas of Office Automation, Secretarial, Office Technology, Accounting and Office Support.
Oki WWW Server
The Oki family of companies, highlighting OKI America and also information on 3D graphics.
ON Technology
The Leading Supplier of NetWare Optimized Workgroup Applications and LAN Utilities. You can download free trials of our products and access complete information about our products.
Online Computer Market, Inc.
Dedicated to facilitating the promotion and purchase of computer products and services through a family of integrated electronic commerce tools.
Online Environs, Inc.
Online Environs, Inc. is a tri-faceted company with the "online" side providing web site turn-key solutions, the "consulting" side providing web expertise, and the "development" side working on cutting edge 3D technology for web navigation.
Open Advisors Limited networking trainers and consultants. Home of Aquanaut (SCUBA diving forum) and Grapevine (Wine Drinker's forum).
Open Access
Internet Access and Consulting Services.
Open Market, Inc.
Open Market's products and services, including the Commercial Sites Index.
The Open Software Foundation
The Open Software Foundation (OSF) is a not-for-profit research and development organization whose goal is to provide a software solution that enables computers from multiple vendors to work together in a true, open systems computing environment. OSF uses an innovative open process for selecting and implementing technology.
The Open Software Foundation's Research Institute
The Research Institute is chartered to accelerate the development of open systems by investigating strategic technologies that are fundamental to their success, sharing this research with the community, and providing guidance to OSF's technology programs.
OPPNET/The Opportunity Network
Exploring the culture of opportunity as it relates to the search for alternative paths to self-enrichment.
Outcomes 2000 Distributors - Elementrix
Dynamic Key Encryption, Secure Email, Secure FTP, Secure FileCrypt, No Key Management, No Public or Private Keys.
Oxford Lasers
High powered pulsed lasers for use in high speed photography, micro machining, spectroscopy, astronomy, forensics, and entertainment applications.


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P.S. Software Corporation
Lotus Premium Business Partner, VAR. Developer of P.S. Templates, a suite of Notes applications for publishing, problem reporting and activity time tracking. Applications for developing internal documents Internet content.
PageWire Co.
Hardware, software, machinery, travel, entertainment, consumer products, cars and trucks.
Patricia Seybold Group
Patricia Seybold Group research reports, analysis, conferences, and consulting services in the area of the application of distributed computing and related technologies in commercial settings.
Plymouth Commercial Internet eXchange, Inc., provides local Internet access and a complete suite of Internet products and services to businesses and residents of the South Shore.
Peak Computing
We do software developing and custom systems design as well as consulting. And some of the "fun" links off our home page, may be of interest to other people.
PICC: Partners for Identifying Content in Cyberspace
An organization established to provide information about a proposed standard for tagging content on the world wide web. The technology can be utlized to provide clients a tool to filter unwanted information, and can be used to make search engines and web robots more efficient.
Visual encyclopedia, a reference library of pictures including vintage and classic cars.
Polymer Technology
Learn more about contact lenses and new vision technologies. Visit the Boston Lens Web site. Find out about cool stuff happening in the city of Boston too.
Post & Beam Homes
Design and construction of post and beam homes.
Powerdog Industries
A Massachusetts auto premium calculator, Nutrition Facts database, and more.
Praxis International
Praxis International is a vendor of database and data warehouse software. Products include System 1032 for the VAX, Model 204 for IBM systems, and the new OmniWarehouse and OmniReplicator.
Precision Detector's Lightscattering Web
Laser light scattering technology and its application in science and industry.
PrePRESS Main Street
Prepress graphic arts equipment and techniques; access to resources of interest to the DTP or electronic prepress professional.
Pro CD, Inc. Phonebooks on CD-ROM
Pro CD is the leading publisher of phonebooks on CD-ROM. On Pro CD's new Web site, you can find out about Pro CD's products, participate in an interactive demo, and even conduct your own searches!
ProDesign Corp.
Printed Circuit Design, Fabrication and Assembly (Experimental)
Process Software Corporation
Process Software Corporation is the developer of TCPware, one of the leading TCP/IP packages for OpenVMS; NFSware - full NFS server for Windows NT; and the Purveyor WWW server for Windows NT.
Progress Software Corporation
A leading provider of application and database development technology and support services. The Crescent Division supplies add-on software to Visual Basic.
Property Digest and Economic Review
A list of currently available industrial/commercial properties for sale or lease and economic development.
Proteus Development ISDN Internet Access
Both analog and ISDN access to the Internet, along with other services, web space rental and co-location for the greater Boston area.
Provincetown Message Board
This is a way for you to stay connected to Provincetown year-round. If you have questions, comments, or advice for our visitors, post them to the appropriate subjects


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Real Bodies
Real Bodies NetStore is a women owned and managed company that designs, imports and retails a unique line of women's apparel from Bali, Indonesia.
Radnet, Inc.
A dynamic new startup company, creating groupware products for the Web.
Raytheon Company
Information about Raytheon and its subsidiaries including: Raytheon Electronic Systems (Raytheon, Seiscor, Xyplex), Raytheon Aircraft (Beech, Hawker), Raytheon Appliances (Amana, Caloric, Speed Queen, Modern Maid), Raytheon Engineers & Constructors (United Engineers, Badger, Cedarapids), Raytheon Electronics (Raytheon Marine, Semiconductor Division, Switchcraft), Raytheon Publishing (DC Heath, The Write Source), and E-Systems
Ready-To-Run Software
Providers of ReadyPaks(tm), ready-to-run software packages combining the convenience of commercial software with the low cost of publicly available UNIX software.
Recital Corporation
A DBMS which specializes in UNIX and the leveraging of a company's data, configuration and personnel.
Remspec Corporation
Infrared spectroscopy using fiber optics for chemical analysis and process and reaction monitoring.
ResTERRAnt offers complete restaurant menus with an interractive ordering capability. You can order food for takeout or delivery right from your PC or workstation.
Rodenko's Birthday Timer
California photographer Ron van Dongen has created a beautiful eternal calendar. This Birthday Timer is the perfect place to record birthdays, anniversaries, or other events you want to remember.
Rosebud Artists Coop and Coding Corp.
Artists present their work, painting, video, poetry, etc. A goal is to deal with equity issues so that non-wired artists can show. Java, C++, graphics/internet coding for moneys.
Rounder Records Homepage
Full catalog including album covers, sound samples, information on each artist, and more. Yes, this is the "official" Rounder Records Homepage. Accept no substitutes.
Rule Broadcast Systems, Inc.
Industrial, professional and broadcast video equipment rental. This electronic catalog allows customers to open business accounts and browse the latest equipment. Orders placed online receive a 5% discount!


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Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
A "virtual branch" where on-line customers purchasing Certificates of Deposit can lock in special rates. Interactive calculators allow you to perform savings and investment planning, calculate an estimate of mortgage potential, and more.
Sales and Marketing Exchange (SME)
SME includes on-line markets for public relations, sales management, and other sales and marketing segments. Each community consists of categories such as agencies/companies, information products and software.
DesignWeb is an on-line marketplace for design providers and professionals to promote and locate services and resources, share ideas and information.
DMWeb is an on-line marketplace for direct marketing providers and professionals to promote and locate services and resources, share ideas and information.
MarketingWeb is an on-line marketplace for marketing providers and professionals to promote and locate services and resources, share ideas and information.
Saturn Internet Corporation
Saturn Internet Corporation is a full service Internet access provider for personal dial-up accounts and also corporate networks. Service available from a simple 28.8k dial up account to fractional and full T-1 services, as well as turnkey Internet servers for Novell, Macintosh and AS/400 networks.
Scientific Visualization Associates, Inc.
SciViz provides import and animation tools for AVS and IBM Visualization Data Explorer and software to manage engineering analysis jobs for MSC/NASTRAN, ABAQUS and others in a distributed environment.
Scotti School
For 22 years, the Scotti School has been teaching people to protect themselves from violence. Our clients are Heads of State, corporate executives, security drivers/chauffeurs and professional security personnel in government and the private sector.
Security Advisor to Colleges & Universities
Security Advisor in Facilities Management, ID Cards, Security Cards, Security Engineer, Security Budgets, Risk Analyst, Liability Assessment.
Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc.
The leading Web site for information security, offerings include in-depth industry and technology analyses and customer support and services.
Security Resource Net
Security Resource Net is an on-line information service from the National Security Institute. Features daily security news service, computer security alerts, travel advisories, and a comprehensive security resource library.
SelectCandidate Career Network
The first multimedia career network that matches job seekers/professionals with the hottest technology companies.
Select Entertainment Productions
Adult Entertainment Intdustry. Providing Entertainment for all occasions. Including the International Showgirl Network 1-800-SHO-GIRL
Service Power is a suite of comprehensive client/server based applications and tools that enable users to diagnose problems, research alternatives, and recommend solutions to equipment maintenance and software support problems
The SETU group of companies is committed to providing clients worldwide with rapid application development tools and services in the areas of Enterprise Modelling, graphical language applications and CASE technology.
Video Phone Sex - As low as 99 cents per minute. Live International Phone Sex - Talk live or listen in on other conversations.
Shields Health Care Group
Shields Health Care Group. MRI Imaging, Educational Module, MRI Centers.
The Town of Shrewsbury
Pages sponsored by the town-owned cable company.
Simon's Rock College
The only institution of higher education in America devoted solely to the academic acceleration and enrichment of the younger scholar, that is, the student who, after the tenth or eleventh grade, is ready to leave secondary school for serious undergraduate study.
SKY Online
Excerpts from SKY & TELESCOPE and CCD ASTRONOMY magazines, tips for star-gazers, reviews of telescopes, a weekly astronomy and space news bulletin, a calendar of upcoming star parties, downloadable BASIC programs for astronomical calculations, and more.
Premium Web Development Service. Innovative, clear, and advanced HTML design are hallmarks of our commitment to excellence.
Small Planet Communications
Ideas and materials for educators
SoftLinx, Inc.
SoftLinx inc. is a leading supplier of enterprise-wide fax solutions including our flagship Replix Network Fax Software.
Software Creations WEB BBS
With standard Web browsers you can use all the features of "Software Creations" on the internet. Full file sections, fast text search, on-line order door, bulletins and hot news releases combine BBS technology with the WEB.
Software Solutions
A program for cooling design and analysis of electronic equipment and also a program for maintaining cooking recipes.
Sophist Solutions
Software consulting company specializing in object-oriented systems, graphical user interfaces and client-server applications.
Web Publishing Service, Server Installation, National Animal Shelter Directory, Archaeology at the site of K'axob in Belize, an on-line portfolio of artist Michael Green, and some 3d art. There is some other miscellaneous stuff as well. (Experimental)
Staples, the Office Superstore
An online catalog of hundreds of home, office and computer products from the leading office products supplier, Staples.
Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
The Sanctuary surrounds the entire Stellwagen Bank, a glacially deposited topographic feature lying in depths of around 65 feet in the shallowest areas with other areas in the upper plateau in the 100 foot range. The seaward side of the Bank drops off rapidly to over 600 feet. Stellwagen Bank is the most prominent submarine feature in Massachusetts Bay, stretching for nearly 20 miles between northern Cape Cod and Cape Ann, Massachusetts (Experimental)
Sterling Hager, Inc.
Sterling Hager is a privately held, full service public relations agency that provides professional public relations counsel exclusively to high technology companies, both public and private in all stages of growth.
The StoneYard
The Internet's first provider of hand crafted natural stone products of Granite, Marble, and Slate. Each item is personalized with your name or other text. We ship daily from our shop in New England to destinations around the world.
Storyteller's Den
Storyteller's Poetry and Songs, Hobby Games (Like DnD), and More
Strategic Networks Consulting, Inc.
Strategic Networks consults to networking industry vendors, carriers and end users. Web site contains switched technology evaluations FREE of charge. Evaluations performed in conjunction with Scott Bradner of Harvard Network Device Test Lab. Other networking info also available.
Stratus Computer, Inc.
Maker of fault-tolerant computer system solutions for critical online applications. This WWW server offers corporate information, product and services descriptions, customer profiles and press releases.
Stream International Inc.
Stream is the world's largest manufacturer, replicator, and reseller of software, offering more than 40,000 titles. The company is one of the world's largest suppliers of telephone-based technical support, handling 8 million product support calls annually on over 1,200 products.
The Sturtevant Home
Our family's home server in Lexington, Massachusetts. Includes Alex's music reviews .
Stylus Innovation
A computer software company specializing in tools for building voice processing and computer telephony applications.
Suffolk University
Suffolk University, Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Suffolk University Law School
Suffolk University Law School: a private school located in Boston; 90 year history; concentrations in high technology law, trial advocacy and taxation; 50% women; constructing a totally new building.
Synaxis Consulting and Integration
Network, Communications, Imaging, and Document management application development and integration.
Synergy WWW Server
Currently my server provides a variety of links to multimedia and graphics sources. I provide access to a large collection of GIF images, and I plan to include other multimedia formats in the near future. I also serve documents related to research in psychology.
SYNETICS Corporation
SYNETICS Corporation, our services and markets


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Tabor Academy
Tabor Academy is an independent coed residential school for grades 9 through 12 with a summer camp program.
Target Systems Corporation
Target Systems develops a powerful suite of practical software solutions designed to increase the accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of your help desk and customer service environments.
Tarot Resources
A link to information for tarot information for all levels of enthusiasts. Includes ftp sights with text and tarot images, even the entire Rider-Waite deck in bitmap. Coming soon -- a directory of professional tarot readers.
Tax World
Tax World provides access to tax information resources around the world. It also provides information about tax courses taught at Northeastern University and a place for net users to express their opinions about taxes. The site is devoted to providing users around the world accessible tax information.
Technology Arts
Telephone Related Electronic Gadgets, Gizmos, and Devices. PowerDialer, Message Lite, Ring n' Route, and Ring Morph.
TeleVisions Inc.
TeleVisions Inc. provides complete electronic marketing and commerce packages for the Internet: establishment of web servers, tools for creating and maintaining electronic documents, mechanisms for tracking and billing customers, and development of novel customer interaction features.
Teradyne, Inc.
Information about Teradyne and its products in the areas of Automatic Test Equipment, Telecommunications Test, Connection Systems, and Software Test.
TerraNet provides Internet Access and Consulting services to customers throughout New England.
Art.Online is an on-line art gallery. You can view and purchase works by many contemporary artists.
Menlo Consulting
Open systems training and consulting, systems administration, and HTML design. Home of the Dance Page, from the World-Wide Web Virtual Library.
Tessera Enterprise Systems
Tessera Enterprise Systems service offerings and positions that are currently available.
Thinking Machines Corp.
Makers of the pioneering parallel processing Connection Machine.
Thomson & Thomson - The Trademark and Copyright Research Authority
Thomson & Thomson, a trademark and copyright research firm with over 70 years experience, offers a wide variety of research services which are used to form an opinion on whether or not your proposed trademark or copyright can be safely adopted and protected.
The Internet Access Company provides Internet connectivity and services to individual and corporate customers thoughout Eastern Massachussetts. TIAC also hosts customer home pages.
American Jewish Historical Society
This site provides information about the AJHS, a library,archives, museum and membership organization. *The* electronic clearinghouse for resources in American Jewish history.
The Law Office of Richard K. Berger
Aggressively Protecting Business. Includes "Superlink", providing links for legal research, legal and business information, and "The Berger Law & Business Report".
C&D Publications
At this time there are only a limited number of maps available for sale over the Internet.
Energy Federation
information, services, and products to stimulate awareness of, and use of, energy conservation technologies.
Eric Herot's "The Page"
My server provides information about local city events, the links page, the error messages page, my web designing business proposal page, the fractal page, and it uses --random backgrounds!--
Greenberg Seronick & Partners
Greenberg Seronick & Partners is an award winning, full service advertising agency.
Hard-to-Find Needlework Books
The largest bookstore in the world selling old and new books on the needlearts: knit/crochet, quilting, needlepoint, embroidery, lace, weaving, sewing, rare books.
Digital video, compression standards, various errata.
The Real Magic Eye Home Page
Magic Eyed By N.E. Thing Enterprises brings you three new images monthly to challenge and entertain you. You will also find information on the latest magic eye products as well as the latest in 3-D technology.
Marthas Vineyard - Chas' Home Page
Chas' Marthas Vineyard Home Page is an information provider for Vineyard Resources. It includes an Art Gallery and has celebrity highlights. Information, schedules, prices, and people. Also a few insider hints for a better Vineyard vacation.
Nolin Technologies
Golfing gift ideas.
Steve Postma
I am a Custom Furniture maker in Medford, Mass.
Resumes and More
Professional resume preparation by a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers.
Shawsheen Printing
Shawsheen Printing, Inc. is a medium sized Offset Printing company located in Lawrence, Mass. We have been in business for over 20 years and offer a wide range of printing services from Xerox DocuTech high speed documentation to four color process brochures.
Virath's Homepage
A few magazine. And links to information about Cambodia.
Andrew Walker
Publishing and new publishing technologies
Winchester Business Systems
Winchester Business Systems consults, teaches, and develops applications using Lotus Notes.
TradeAccess Business Information Service
Easily & quickly find new customers, suppliers & business partners in the world's fastest-growing emerging markets, using high quality, verified databases from premier industry associations.
Trans-Partnering Innovations
Trans-Partnering Innovations is a PEO organization providing the outsourcing of human resource service. These include, payroll services, payroll taxes, emplyers insurance and benefits.
Tripod is a Web-based membership organization offering Tools for Life - real world info and services that aren't taught in a classroom. Travel, health, community, culture, money and careers.
Welcome to T.J.'s Domain!
T.J. Maher, Computer Geek, Theatre Freak, and Role Playing Weirdo collects his favorite wierd books and film.
Trix Systems: Paper to CAD conversion software
FAQs about Paper to CAD (raster to vector) conversion, scanning, viewing, redlining, image file format conversion, network based engineering document management (EDMS) and facilities management (FM).
TSCM Counterintelligence
Tufts University
Tufts University and its departments, programs, and organizations.


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Ultranet Communications, Inc.
Home of low cost, high quality access to the global Internet for ordinary people.
Auburn Unofficial Guide
Happenings in the town of Auburn, Massachusetts.
The Bentley Company
The premier consulting organization specializing in the service and support industry. Bentley offers a full suite of services designed to help build and maintain a world class help desk and support organization.
CFM Inc., The TeamFlow Company
Corporate information, screen views of TeamFlow, customer profiles, press releases and a demo version.
The Emerald Mall
The Emerald Mall, started in the spring of 95, is a virtual mall containing many local companies.
The Jeff Orlinski Homepage
A teenager in cyberspace. Learn about my interests and projects. Extensive information on Beat culture as well as Zen Buudhism. Will eventually house a homepage devoted exclusivley to Beat culture
Microchip Technology Inc.
High Speed RISC Microcontrollers and Non-Volatile Memory Tech Support, Software Upgrades, App Notes, Source Code.
National Security Institute
Our business is helping clients interpret and implement Government security directives and establish strategies that safeguard information.
SEEG Scientific
Scientific software available from SEEG Scientific
WORDNET Foreign Language Translations
WORDNET is a team of over 1,500 professional foreign language translators. We also provide typesetting and printing services.
Worksaver Software
Quoting and POS software.
Unitas BusinessCore Server
The use of Internet services to improve corporate decision making, communication, marketing and sales.
Your total communications provider: digital telephone and call processing systems, data network wiring and configuration, calling plans and services. "Care and Maintenance of your voice and data systems is the cornerstone of our company." - UNITEL
The University of Massachusetts at Amherst
This Web server provides access to the campus-wide information service as well as other campus-based WWW resources.
Art History Program
Art History Resources and Online University Gallery Collections
Astronomy Department
Astronomical research project information, Graduate Program Brochure, and departmental directories.
Center for Geometry Analysis Numerics and Graphics (GANG)
This server focuses on our research in Differential Geometry with particular emphasis on minimal surfaces, surfaces of constant mean curvature, surface and knot energies.
Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR)
CIIR is an NSF funded S/IUCRC Center. This server provides information about the Center and contains demonstrations of the INQUERY Information Retrieval System. (Experimental)
Five College Astronomy Department
Astronomy in the Five College System.
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Graduate and undergraduate catalogs, directions and maps, admissions information, program descriptions and departmental home pages.
The Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies
The Lloyd Center is an environmental organization that conducts research, educates school children and teachers, and has trails, exhibits, and aquariums which are free and open to the public.
The University of Massachusetts at Lowell
The University of Massachusetts at Lowell campus-wide World-Wide-Web server provides access to all campus based WWW resources as well as other events and services.
Center for Electromagnetic Materials and Optical Systems
CEMOS was established in 1990 to integrate students at UML, the surrounding optics industry, and cutting edge research in several areas in electro-optics and optical information processing.
Electrical Engineering Department
The official EE server for UMASS - Lowell. You can find information on course listings, faculty, research projects and alumni information.
USAinternet An Internet service provider
Greene Rubber Fabrication & Engineering
The Greene Rubber Co. business offerings. (Experimental)
Ident-A-Tot Identification System for Children
I.D system provides authorities with information to help return lost children. Used by children while travelling or attending large events.
X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Coeffcients
Graphic presentation of all X-ray and gamma ray coeffcients, with links to other nuclear data and a program for calculation of shielding and dose deposition.
Utopia, Inc.
Utopia provides Web Site design, construction and placement for companies and individuals who wish to have a presence on the internet.


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The Vacation Mall
Rentals property listing.
VDA, Inc.
Production group serving corporate theatre. Design and fabrication of theme party decor, lighting, audio systems, Custom and stock meeting sets.
New England Wine news, events, wineries, and merchants, wine reviews, etc.
Mellen Medical Homeopathics
Alternative Health Care Medicines and Herbs. National\International Distributer of Melatonin and over 1,000 other homeopathic and herbals.
Vivamus Concepts - Information on Information
A newsletter and hotlinks about market research and information consulting.
VNP Software, Inc.
VNP Software offers development tools and consulting expertise to the NEXTSTEP/OpenStep community.


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W3 Technology -- Boston based Internet consulting and seminars
A Boston based consulting firm helping business organizations use the Internet and new media for marketing, selling, delivering, and supporting products and services.
WBRS-Waltham 100.1 FM
WBRS is a noncommercial radio station located in Waltham, MA. We have diverse programming, including free live music all year round. Our server provides programming and live music schedules, etc.
Explore timely news and information, links to uniquely New England resources, "tour" WCVB, and read profiles of the people of NewsCenter 5.
WebNotes Forums and Conferences
Forums and Conferences (hosted at this server). Users may request the creation of a specific conference.
Web Potentials
Web Potentials designs dynamic website HTML pages, database interfaces, shopping carts, catalogs, interactive forms, intranets, conference boards, CGI scripts, using PERL, Java, Shockwave, and Real Audio.
WebPres Services
Companies wishing presence on the Web. Includes home page design and development, promotion and site hosting.
Wentworth Gallery
Our Web site contains a sample of our art, a schedule of gallery events and links to other art sites on the Web. Online ordering is available.
Wentworth Institute of Technology
W.I.T. offers bachelors degrees in the fields of architecture, design, engineering, technology and management of technology.
Western New England College School of Law
Western New England College School of Law: admissions, curriculum, alumni and matters of interest to the legal profession and others interested in the legal system.
WGBH online
This is packed with information about the many programs we produce for PBS and public radio; our weekly program schedules, and much more. WGBH Online is accessible for blind or low-vision use.
Wheaton College
The academic programs and services offered by Wheaton College, a private coedu cational liberal arts college located in Norton, Mass.
Wilder Internet Gateway
An Internet service provider based in Woburn.
Bay State Gas Company
What we believe to be the first New England utility "Web Site", initially providing information for investors
Wildfire Communications, Inc.
Wildfire makes a voice recognition telephony based electronic assistant.
Williams College
Williams College -- organizations, events, news, libraries, people, classes and the curriculum, policies and rules.
Woods Hole
Web servers in the Woods Hole scientific community including the Marine Biological Laboratory, National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Geological Survey, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
W00sta Warez
Tape conversion, computer consulting, web page creation, system security, and having fun on the net.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Founded in 1865, WPI is the third oldest college of engineering and science in the United States. The current student body of about 3,500 includes 1,200 full and part-time graduate students.
Cunnin Web Server
The user's interests, technical specs, music.
Documentary Educational Resources
DER is a nonprofit corporation that distributes anthropology films and videos.
Snowdog's Palace
All sorts of stuff. Music links, gaming resources, and more personal data tha n you can shake a stick at.
A general information server for Worcester and Central Massachusetts.
The World
The World is the premier online service for dialup access to the Internet. Since November 1989, we have been offering electronic mail, World Wide Web, USENET, telnet, ftp, irc, gopher, library catalogs, and more.
Background Check Database
Access to a proprietary investigative database with over 100,000 names relating to organized crime, financial crime, fraud and other background.
CellularPlus Home Page
Cellular Phones, Pagers, Digital satellite systems
Destination Counseling
Helping high school students and their parents looking at colleges in the Boston area.
INFOSEC Engineering Inc
Specification, implementation and integration of computer and communication security products into enterprise-based systems. Network and security design and support.
Ovation Software Testing, Inc.
A consulting firm specializing in software test automation technology. We are the leading consulting/VAR partner for the Mercury Interactive Corporation.
Perkins, Smith, and Cohen
Boston law firm.
Signs, Banners, Trade shows, Engraving (ADA/Braille), Real Estate, Logos, Magnetics, Much Much More.
100.7 WZLX - Boston's Classic Rock
DJ bios and pictures, concert and event info, CD release information, trivia tests, contest details, and the WZLX Rock & Roll Diary - it's all there, and it doesn't interrupt the music.


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X Consortium
The X Consortium develops, evolves and maintains the X Window System, and performs other related research and experimentation in, and implementation of, open systems standards and technology. You can get X here.
Internet Service Provider and Internet Presence Provider, offering Internet access in the Boston South Shore area and World Wide Web hosting services to clients world wide
Art & Cultural Events List
A list of free art events in the Boston area. Updated each month.
Black Bean Studios
A funky design/multimedia firm specializing in cutting-edge interface design, titles and graphics. Various illustration styles, WWW publishing, and online sites.
The Webb's Web
The Boston -> NY AIDS Ride Raytracing and computer graphics (Experimental)
Xochi's DIY Mind Machine Archive
Mind machines - patent lists, critical articles, bibliographies, focus on building your own.


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Zeitech - The Consultant's Homepage
A resourceful and informative page for those in the consulting industry (as well as wannabe's). With headings such as "Finding a Job (on-line and off)", "Information on Consulting", "Hot Topics", "Current Zeitech Openings", Zeitech gives the COMPLETE scoop on what consulting is all about.


New and unqiue biweekly Web'Zine covering technology convergence; including A/V systems & content, computers, the Web, molecular computing, human consciousness, and more.

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