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We have had "hits" from many different countries. Here is a list derived from the top-level domains of host names recorded in our server access log:

at, Austria
au, Australia
be, Belgium
bm, Bermuda
br, Brazil
ca, Canada
ch, Switzerland
cl, Chile
cn, China
co, Columbia
com, (commercial)
cr, Costa Rica
cz, Czech Republic
de, Germany
dk, Denmark
do, Dominican Republic
edu, (educational)
ee, Estonia
eg, Egypt
es, Spain
fi, Finland
fr, France
gb, Great Britain
gov, (US Governmental)
gr, Greece
hk, Hong Kong
hr, Croatia
hu, Hungary
id, Indonesia
ie, Ireland
il, Israel
in, India
int, (International organizations)
is, Iceland
it, Italy
jp, Japan
kr, Korea
kw, Kuwait
lu, Luxembourg
lv, Latvia
mil, (US Military)
mk, Macedonia
mx, Mexico
my, Malaysia
net, (network access providers)
nl, Netherlands
no, Norway
nz, New Zealand
org, (organizations)
pe, Peru
ph, Phillipines
pl, Poland
pr, Puerto Rico
pt, Portugal
ru, Russian Federation
se, Sweden
sg, Singapore
si, Slovenia
su, Former Soviet Union
th, Thailand
tr, Turkey
tw, Taiwan
uk, United Kingdom
us, United States
uy, Uruguay
za, South Africa
The abbreviations correspond to ISO-3166 two-letter country codes.
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Last update: May 11, 1997

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