Launching ScreenCam Movies and Freelance Presentations over the Web

You can use RFC 1341 MIME data typing to pass application data across the World Wide Web.

If you properly configure the Web server and the Web client and define a new MIME application type, you can launch presentations directly into a screenshow over the Web. Click Here to see a presentation.

You can do the same with ScreenCam movies, Click Here.

The client

You must have Lotus ScreenCam or Freelance Graphics for Windows installed and must configure your browser. If you are using Netscape choose Options, Preferences and configure a Helper Application. Click New and set the Mime Type to "application", subtype "x-screencam". Enter "scm SCM" for Extensions, choose Launch, and Browse to find the player file SCRNCAMP.EXE.

If you are using Mosaic, configure MOSAIC.INI in the Windows directory as follows:

Reed Sturtevant <> Last update: January 26, 1995