Internet Acceptable Use Policy, Lexington, Massachusetts, 1994

Note: this 1994 acceptable use policy was superseded by the 1997 policy which is still current as of this writing in 2007. For the current policy please visit Lexington schools were on the forefront of Internet access, with a 10 mbps link to each classroom in 1994. Even at that time the schools realized a need for guidelines. These are published here for the historical record.

In order for a student to use the Lexington Public Schools Internet connection, they must read these guidelines and sign the contract. The contract must also be signed by a parent or guardian.

Internet -- Guidelines for Use

Internet is a vast, global network, linking computers at universities, high schools, science labs, and other sites. Through Internet, one can communicate with people all over the world through a number of discussion forums, as well as through electronic mail. In addition, many files are available for downloading on Internet, many of which are of educational value. Because of its enormous size, Internet's potential is boundless. It is possible to speak with everyone from prominent scientists to world leaders to a friend at college. However, with such great potential for education also comes some potential for abuse. It is the purpose of this list of guidelines, as well as the contract for Internet use, to make sure that all who use Internet, both students and faculty, use this valuable resource in an appropriate manner.

The most important prerequisite for someone to receive an Internet account is that he or she take full responsibility for his or her own actions. The Lexington Public School system, along with the other organizations sponsoring this Internet link-up, will not be liable for the actions of anyone connecting to Internet through this hook-up. All users shall assume full liability, legal, financial, or otherwise, for their actions.

In addition, the Lexington Public School system takes no responsibility for any information or materials that are transferred through Internet.

Because of the size of Internet, many kinds of materials eventually find their way onto the system. Should a user happen to find materials which may be deemed inappropriate while using his or her Lexington Public Schools Internet account, he or she shall refrain from downloading this material, and shall not identify or share the location of this material. Be aware that the transfer of certain kinds of materials is illegal, and punishable by fine or jail sentence.

The primary purpose of the Internet connection is educational. It is essential that everyone who uses this connection understand that purpose. Therefore, anyone using the Internet connection for non-educational purposes shall immediately log off should any significant system slow-down occur. In addition, should people connecting through their home modems be using Internet for non-educational purposes and observe that all phone lines are in use, then they shall immediately log off. Failure to abide by these regulations shall result in suspension of the Internet account, pending administrative review.

The Lexington Public Schools system makes no guarantees, implied or otherwise, regarding the reliability of the data connection. Neither Lexington Public Schools, nor the sponsor organizations, shall be liable for any loss or corruption of data resulting while using the Internet connection.

The Lexington Public Schools system reserves the right to examine all data stored in the machines involved in the Internet link to make sure that all users are in compliance with these regulations.

No user shall use this Internet link to perform any act that may be construed as illegal or unethical, including the use of the link to gain unauthorized access to other systems on the network.

The Lexington Public Schools administration reserves the right to change these rules at any time without notice.

The Lexington Public School system strongly condemns the illegal distribution of software, otherwise known as pirating. Any students caught transferring such files through Internet, and any whose accounts are found to contain such illegal files, shall immediately have their accounts permanently revoked. In addition, all users should be aware that software piracy is a federal offense and is punishable by fine or imprisonment.

Finally, all users should keep in mind that when they use Internet, they are entering a global community, and any actions taken by them will reflect upon the school system as a whole. As such, all users must behave in an ethical and legal manner.

Adopted 2-March-94

Contract Regarding the Use of Internet

I, __________________, accept and agree to abide by the following rules.

I agree to abide by all rules which are listed in the Lexington Public Schools Guidelines for Internet Use.

I realize that the primary purpose of the Lexington Public Schools Internet Connection is educational, and that as such, educational purposes shall take precedence over all others.

I realize that the use of Internet is a privilege, not a right. I accept that inappropriate behavior may lead to penalties including revoking of account, disciplinary action, and/or legal action.

I agree not to participate in the transfer of inappropriate or illegal materials through the Lexington Public Schools Internet connection. I realize that in some cases, the transfer of such material may result in legal action against me.

I agree not to participate in the transfer of material which may be considered treasonous or subversive via the Lexington Public Schools Internet connection.

I agree not to allow other individuals to use my account for Internet activities nor will I give anyone my password.

I release the Lexington Public School System and all other organizations related to the Lexington Internet Connection from any liability or damages that may result from the use of the Internet Connection. In addition, I will accept full responsibility and liability for the results of my actions with regards to the use of Internet. I release the school and related organizations from any liability relating to consequences resulting from my use of the Internet.

Signed, _____________________

Date _______________________

The following section need only be signed if the applicant is under eighteen years of age.

I, ________________, the parent/guardian of the above, agree to accept all financial and legal liabilities which may result from my son/daughters use of the Lexington Public Schools Internet Connection.

Signed, _____________________

Date _______________________

Adopted 2-March-94

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